The firm

Our Story

Acosta & Asociados, is considered, for more than 40 years, as one of the most prestigious and successful law firms in Guadalajara, Jalisco, due to the seriousness, professionalism and quality of the legal services it provides.

The Acosta & Asociados law firm was founded in 1958 by Ramiro Acosta Castillo, in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Initially, it was formed as an independent law firm, with the passage of time various lawyers were incorporated and since 1994 it was established as a civil society.

In the firm, various highly prestigious lawyers have provided professional services in the forum and others were forged, who subsequently have served successfully as notaries public, magistrates, judges, public administration officials, university professors, union leaders and business leaders.


Satisfy the expectations of our clients, collaborators, associates and partners, through the provision of professional services in legal matters, with a high level of quality, honesty and efficiency to be able to defend diligently and with strict adherence to moral standards, rights of our clients.


Through innovative experience and commitment to people, we will be leaders in the provision of professional legal advice services.